Book of Authorities
To assist parties to Law Society of Alberta hearings and pursuant to the Pre-Hearing and Hearing Guideline, the Tribunal Office has developed an online resource, the Tribunal Office Book of Authorities (Book of Authorities) containing frequently cited cases below. A party wishing to rely on a case included in the Book of Authorities need not reproduce that case.   The parties remain responsible for providing copies (PDFs) of all other authorities to which they wish to refer. The Book of Authorities is meant to facilitate the hearing process by relieving parties of the need to copy or file frequently cited cases. It is not a complete list of relevant cases or a statement of law.   Cases are added to and deleted from the Book of Authorities from time to time. Any questions or comments concerning the Book of Authorities, including recommendations for additions to or deletions from the list, should be directed to the Tribunal Office.

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Case Name Year Issue
Law Society of Alberta v Rauf, 2021 ABLS 3
2020 Internal standards of appeal
Law Society of Alberta v Rhandawa, 2014 ABLS 41
2014 Assault or threats by a lawyer
Law Society of Alberta v Riccioni, 2012 ABLS 15
2012 Panel questioning member
Law Society of Alberta v Salmon, 2015 ABLS 2
2015 Failure to serve clients
Law Society of Alberta v Shustov, 2014 ABLS 23
2014 Misleading the client, another lawyer or the court
Law Society of Alberta v Sidhu, 2017 ABCA 224
2017 Access to a lawyer’s electronic materials
Law Society of Alberta v Sinclair, 2008 LSA 5
2008 Civility and courtesy
Law Society of Alberta v Sparling, 2014 ABLS 11
2014 Sexual harassment or improper sexual conduct by lawyer
Law Society of Alberta v Thom, 2019 ABLS 27
2019 Strict liability
Law Society of Alberta v Venkatraman, 2013 ABLS 29
2013 Misappropriation of trust funds (not by lawyer)