Reflective Practice Course Now Available

April 12, 2023


The Law Society’s approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), including the new CPD Tool and the Professional Development Profile, is informed by a combination of reflection and self-assessment called reflective practice.

Reflective practice is an essential part of continuous improvement, continuing competence and lifelong learning but it is also a meta-competency that can help lawyers to improve in any other competency they choose to develop.

To assist lawyers in developing their reflective practice skills, the Law Society created a short course in the Learning Centre that provides essential background on reflective practice, concrete examples of how reflective practice works both in the CPD Tool and in a real practice environment, and the benefits of reflective practice for you and your legal practice. While this course is not mandatory, it can help you maximize the value from your own CPD work.

To get the most out of your professional development activities, you will need to reflect on and self-assess your existing knowledge, skills and attitudes, as well as your strengths and areas for improvement. It can be challenging to self-assess your strengths and weaknesses, and reflective practice helps to develop the ability to self-assess in an honest and constructive way. Reflective practice also helps to reflect on what you learned during any professional development activity that you undertake as part of your annual CPD plan and whether your activities have increased your proficiency in the associated competency.

To learn more about reflective practice, visit the Law Society website or take the course via the Learning Centre.