Book of Authorities
To assist parties to Law Society of Alberta hearings and pursuant to the Pre-Hearing and Hearing Guideline, the Tribunal Office has developed an online resource, the Tribunal Office Book of Authorities (Book of Authorities) containing frequently cited cases below. A party wishing to rely on a case included in the Book of Authorities need not reproduce that case. The parties remain responsible for providing copies (PDFs) of all other authorities to which they wish to refer. The Book of Authorities is meant to facilitate the hearing process by relieving parties of the need to copy or file frequently cited cases. It is not a complete list of relevant cases or a statement of law. Cases are added to and deleted from the Book of Authorities from time to time. Any questions or comments concerning the Book of Authorities, including recommendations for additions to or deletions from the list, should be directed to the Tribunal Office.

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Case Name Year Issue
Rusnak v Shafir, 2015 ABQB 290
2015Duty of custodians to lawyer
Scott v College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, 2016 BCCA 180
2016Interim suspension test
Strother v Law Society of British Columbia, 2018 BCCA 481
2018Standard expected of lawyers
Walton v Alberta (Securities Commission), 2014 ABCA 273
2014Contradicting witnesses
Watchler v College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, 2009 ABCA 130
2009Effect of delay
Yee v Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, 2020 ABCA 98
2020Internal standards of appeal