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A Mentoring Moment with John S.D. Kong

January 08, 2019

 “It is my hope that a mentee would be able to see their practice in a new, fresh and promising light.” John S.D. Kong has…

Indigenous Law Student Summer Employment Program

January 07, 2019

The purpose of the program is to: allow law firms and the legal profession to gain greater insight into Indigenous culture and issues; provide an…

Energy Law Edition of the Alberta Law Review

January 04, 2019

The Energy Law Edition (56:2) of the Alberta Law Review is now available. In this edition, you can find articles discussing the latest developments in…

Contingency Planning Video

January 03, 2019

This video shares some helpful tips and resources to build a contingency plan for your law practice, including our When Bad Things Happen to Good Lawyers: A…

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