The Path (Law Society of Alberta) Education Update

June 1, 2021

It has been just over a month since Alberta lawyers could begin taking the Indigenous Cultural Competency Education called The Path (Law Society of Alberta) — Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada. Details on how to access the education were provided in an email on April 21.

Since the launch, 502 lawyers have successfully completed The Path (Law Society of Alberta), and 1096 have started the course. This course has five modules and takes approximately five hours to complete. Alberta lawyers can complete the education all at once or in stages. All active Alberta lawyers have 18 months to complete The Path (Law Society of Alberta) or certify eligibility for an exemption or extension.

Please follow the detailed steps provided in this How-To Guide to register and enrol in The Path (Law Society of Alberta). There are also important steps included to complete the course and details about certifying for an exemption, for those who qualify.

Extension Requests

Lawyers who require an extension on the due date of The Path (Law Society of Alberta) can now complete the extension request through the Lawyer Portal. Extensions may only be requested in the event of maternity/parental leave or medical leave/illness. Please follow the steps provided in the How-To Guide to request an extension.

Enrolment Key

During the registration process, lawyers will be prompted to provide an enrolment key. The enrolment key is provided in the How-To Guide.

It must be inserted exactly as indicated with no extra spaces. Note: this enrolment key is only to be used by active and inactive Alberta lawyers required or eligible to take The Path (Law Society of Alberta).The Law Society has negotiated preferred pricing and group rates for non-lawyer members of law firms, organizations, government, educational institutions, and the judiciary. Please contact NVision directly for details.

Contact Information

Throughout The Path (Law Society of Alberta), there are topics covered that occurred in Canada that are disturbing to some viewers. If you need to talk to someone, or need support, we encourage you to reach out to the Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (Assist).

Lawyers can review the How-To Guide and FAQ for answers to common inquiries about taking the course and related background information. If you have other questions, reach out to Customer Service at the Law Society. Technical questions about navigating The Path website should be directed to