Recruiting Mentors for Mentor Express 2021-2022

July 28, 2021

A reminder that an expanded version of the Mentor Express program is launching in September 2021 to accommodate automatic enrolment for new lawyers called to the bar. For more information, read the full announcement and our FAQ.

This means that we need new mentors now more than ever. If you have practised for at least five years, you can serve as a mentor in Mentor Express. Feedback from current mentors has been overwhelmingly positive. The comment below reflects one sentiment from a past Mentor Express mentor:

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you that I think that the Mentor program is a stunning success. I have had the chance to meet with several dynamic and intelligent young people… I can say that I consider every minute that I spend with mentees a privilege and time well spent.”

As a mentor, you are a role model for the future generation of lawyers. The experience and knowledge that you share with a new lawyer is invaluable to their growth and career development. In addition, the experience will provide you with valuable coaching and mentoring skills.

As a mentor in Mentor Express, you will meet with new lawyers on a schedule that works for you. Mentors only commit to 10 one-hour sessions per year, providing flexibility for busy lawyers interested in giving back to the profession.

Find out more about Mentor Express or register to participate on our website. If you have questions, contact the Mentorship team.