Mentor Connect & Mentor Express – Registration Now Open

June 16, 2022

Registration is now open for both Mentor Connect and the 2022–2023 Mentor Express program. As a mentee, a mentoring relationship can encourage and empower your professional development, help you identify and achieve career goals, and increase your confidence. By engaging in mentorship, you can identify gaps in your knowledge or skills and address them early in your career and throughout. As a mentor, you get to learn from your mentees and share perspectives and experiences with others at a different stage of their careers.

Read more about Mentor Connect and Mentor Express below to learn how to get involved.

Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect is a traditional mentorship program that matches mentors and mentees based on areas of law, geographical proximity, personal experience and similar interests. Pairs are matched for six months and meet regularly either in person or remotely depending on preference.

Register as a mentee or a mentor on our website.

2022–2023 Mentor Express

Mentor Express is like online shopping for mentors, where mentees browse an online gallery to choose the mentors they are interested in meeting. This self-match system lets mentees seek guidance and insight relevant to their own career development with a variety of mentors based on personal experience and attributes, practice areas, interests and geography. Over the course of the program, mentees build their professional network by meeting with multiple mentors for one hour each.
2022–2023 Mentor Express begins in October but registration is open now.

Register as a mentee or a mentor on our website.

Due to the overwhelming interest in our program, we had significantly more mentors than mentees in the program last year, leaving some mentors without matches. We appreciate and value the contributions of all our participants and want to ensure that both mentors and mentees have a positive experience. This year, we are limiting the number of mentors to better use our mentors’ time and expertise. Those who apply to be mentors will be added to a waitlist and be advised if they will have a spot in the 2022–2023 program. All applicants will be notified by Aug. 8, 2022.

For more information about Mentor Connect or Mentor Express, visit our website or contact Customer Service.