Fake Law Firm Alert – GSKS Law

December 27, 2018

The Law Society of Alberta has received a report about a business, “GSKS Law Firm”, purporting to be a law firm. The business operates a website at http://gskslaw.com. The individuals associated with the business are falsely holding themselves out as members of the Law Society of Alberta and are reaching out to individuals to offer legal services. In particular, a person purporting to be David Mayer, a lawyer with GSKS Law Firm, contacted an individual offering legal services. Mr. Mayer subsequently emailed the individual a retainer agreement and power of attorney for the individual to execute and return to him. It appears GSKS Law Firm is targeting individuals who have been affected by a potential scam originating from the U.K.

None of the individuals listed in the “Attorney” section of the GSKS Law Firm website are members of the Law Society of Alberta. Accordingly, none of these individuals are entitled to practice law in Alberta.

Action to be taken:

Before retaining a lawyer, make sure she or he is an active member of the Law Society of Alberta. This can be done by conducting a search through the Law Society of Alberta’s Lawyer Directory.