Continuing Professional Development Update

May 17, 2023

Starting July 4, Alberta lawyers will have access to the new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tool through the Lawyer Portal. All lawyers who have an active status when the CPD cycle opens are required to submit an annual plan by Oct. 1.

CPD activities are crucial for lawyers in fulfilling their Code of Conduct obligations respecting competent legal service delivery. Learning does not stop once law school ends. Like other professions, lawyers must stay up to date with technology, current issues and consumer needs. Completing professional development benefits you as a lawyer, your law firm or organization and your clients.

To help lawyers better understand the new approach to CPD, the Law Society has refreshed the CPD website. The website includes:

This new content joins existing material, including the new Professional Development Profile and information on Reflective Practice.

On July 4, active lawyers required to submit a plan will receive notification with more detail regarding their mandatory CPD plan as well as a user guide for the new CPD Tool. Please check that you and those at your organization have updated your preferred email in the Lawyer Portal to ensure that you receive this important communication.

Additionally, the Law Society will host a webinar on July 6 at noon Mountain Time, featuring a live walkthrough of the new CPD Tool as well as a Q&A session to address any outstanding questions. Lawyers can register for this webinar now in advance of July 6.