Take your practice to the next level with Practically Speaking

January 15, 2020

Practicing law is rarely a simple business. With competing priorities, legislative requirements and the management of staff, files and finances, taking the time to consider your practice as a whole – how it’s run, or how it can be improved – can be difficult. Finding resources to assist you in running your business can be even harder.

The good news is that those resources exist, and we’re here to help you get them as quickly as possible. The Law Society’s Practice Management team has launched Practically Speaking, a new podcast series focused on the issues and topics that matter to lawyers, can help them right now. Each 5 – 10 minute episode is designed to give you a real, practical takeaway that will help you take your practice to the next level.

Check out the episodes and accompanying articles below, or subscribe to our feed on Apple Podcasts:

  • Two Email Tips to Save you from Heartache: Email is as ubiquitous as it comes, but familiarity can breed contempt – and mistakes that can cost lawyers dearly. Karyn Kraemer breaks down the two biggest risks that lawyers face with email correspondence and how to easily avoid them.
  • Top 10 Things to Include in your Law Office Manual: Does your law office have a manual? Do you have an existing manual and feel like there is something missing? Tera Yates breaks down the must-haves for your manual and the easiest way to create one from scratch.