Registration Open for Mentor Connect

July 13, 2023

Registration is open for the Mentor Connect program for both mentors and mentees.

Mentor Connect is a traditional mentorship program that matches mentors and mentees based on areas of law, geographical proximity, personal experience and similar interests. Pairs are matched for six months and meet regularly either in person or remotely depending on preference.

Through the program, experienced mentors provide guidance and support to mentees to help them:

  • realize career goals;
  • achieve greater personal and professional balance;
  • develop practical skills;
  • build confidence; and
  • learn best practices in the practice of law.

The program is voluntary and open to all lawyers in the province at no cost.

Mentorship Program Eligibility

Any Alberta lawyer interested in mentorship is eligible to participate as a mentee, but the program is particularly beneficial for:

  • articling students;
  • new lawyers recently called to the bar;
  • young lawyers in their first years of practice;
  • internationally trained lawyers;
  • Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) students; or
  • any lawyer seeking advice about transitioning to a new practice area or practice setting.

Lawyers who have practised at least five years, including inactive and retired lawyers, are eligible to participate as mentors.

Learn more about the Mentor Connect program and register as a mentee or mentor on our website.