Recruiting Mentors for Mentor Express 2021-2022

June 29, 2021

A reminder that all new lawyers called to the bar will be automatically enrolled in the Mentor Express program for one year, beginning in September 2021. This automatic enrolment only applies to new Alberta lawyers entering their first year of practice. It does not apply to lawyers who are transferring to Alberta from another jurisdiction.

New lawyers can opt out of the Mentor Express program but are encouraged to build a mentorship relationship in another capacity, such as within their firm, organization or another mentoring program.

An expanded version of the Mentor Express program is launching in September 2021 to accommodate this change. For more information on this important change, read the full announcement and our FAQ.

Given the influx of new mentees coming to the program, we need new mentors now more than ever.

Mentor Express allows mentees to browse an online listing of mentors and choose sessions with the mentors they are interested in meeting. It is an easy, low-commitment way for new lawyers to connect with experienced members of the legal profession. If you have practised for at least five years, you can serve as a mentor in Mentor Express.

As a mentor, you will meet with new lawyers on a schedule that works for you. Mentors only need to commit to 10 one-hour sessions per year, providing flexibility for busy lawyers interested in giving back to the profession.

Register to participate as a mentor in the program here. For further information about Mentor Express, visit this page or contact the Mentorship team.