Psychological First Aid – Self-Care Offer

September 29, 2023

World Mental Health Day is observed on Oct. 10 every year to raise awareness around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health. This year the Law Society is offering to cover the registration cost for a select number of lawyers and articling students to complete the online Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid – Self-Care course.

In this short self-directed course, you will learn about the types, causes and effects of stress and trauma; strategies to prevent, recognize and cope with stress; and how to develop and implement a personal self-care plan. This course is for anyone interested in self-care practices that promote psychological well-being.

The registration cost will be covered for the first 100 lawyers and articling students who express interest. To access the coupon code to register for the course please contact Education.

Below are other events, resources and ways you can participate in World Mental Health Day:

  • Attend the Canadian Bar Association – Alberta branch Suicide Awareness Presentation.
  • Access the services of Assist or volunteer to support your peers. All services are provided on a confidential basis and no disclosure of use of these services is made to the Law Society. You can also check out the many resources on Assist’s website.
  • Check out the Law Society’s Resource Centre, including a resource package from the Well-Being in Practice summit we co-hosted in October 2022.
  • Take our new Reflective Practice course, which helps to build self-awareness, to more easily adapt and apply new information and to think about mistakes and misses as opportunities to learn.
  • Contribute to creating a safe and supportive environment at your workplace that lets your colleagues know everyone needs help at some point in their life and career.