Principal Training Course Update and Reminder

March 2, 2023

It has been just over a year since the Principal Training Course launched and over 700 lawyers have completed the course to date.

After reviewing feedback from lawyers, we are pleased to report that 97 per cent of lawyers found the content covered was relevant to their role as a principal, with 22 per cent noting the content was extremely relevant. Lawyers overwhelmingly reported that the content is engaging and easy to digest. Some senior lawyers commented that they would have liked this type of course earlier in their career, while first-time principals reported that the content provided clear direction on how to be a good principal.

A significant number of lawyers took the course, even though they were not immediately seeking to become a principal. This included some lawyers with Articling Placement Program roster firms who proactively completed the course to ensure they meet the principal eligibility requirements if a student needed to be assigned on short notice. Other lawyers completed the course in anticipation of becoming a principal or because they are interested in the content.


Lawyers who are seeking to become a principal must complete the Principal Training Course before taking on a student-at-law. It is a good idea to complete the course before the student applies for student-at-law status to avoid disrupting their start date. Supervisors involved in secondments exceeding 30 days are required to complete the mandatory course prior to the secondment being approved by the Law Society.

The course is also valuable to anyone in a mentorship or supervisory role, or those who are considering becoming a principal. If the course is completed when a lawyer is not acting as a principal, the requirement will be considered fulfilled if the lawyer applies to take on a principal role in the future.

The course is designed to take between 3 to 3.5 hours to complete. The course includes eight lessons covering such topics as Law Society duties/requirements, how to be an effective mentor, dealing with difficult conversations and cultural competency to name a few. Topics covered were developed in response to the 2019 articling survey and a 2021 survey of current and recent principals, articling students and mentors specifically regarding the course content.

The Law Society has worked with LESA to keep the cost of the course reasonable as it is a mandatory requirement for principals. There is a registration fee of $125 to cover LESA’s costs to deliver the course. When you sign up for the course, you are required to use your member number so the Law Society can track the completion of your training.

Those looking for further details about the principal training course can view the FAQ on our website or email our Customer Service team. Questions about how to become a principal or the application process are available on our website, or you can email Membership.