Official Notice of Election

August 13, 2020

An election of the Benchers of the Law Society of Alberta will be held from November 2 – 16, 2020.
Key Election Dates
  • August 13 – Opening of online nomination portal
  • September 16 – Deadline for receiving nominations
  • November 2 – Online voting information sent to all active lawyers entitled to vote
  • November 2 – 16 – Voting period
  • November 16 – Deadline to vote is 4:30 p.m. (MST).
We draw your attention to Law Society of Alberta Rules 7-17, and for more information and details on the Election, becoming a candidate and voting, visit the Bencher Election website.

Bencher Election Website now Accepting Nominations

The Legal profession is changing quickly, and we want you to help make that change with us. We encourage you to consider running in the 2020 Bencher Election.

The role of the Law Society is to protect the public interest. The challenges of COVID-19, technological change, a fluctuating economy and ongoing conversations around race and justice have placed Alberta’s legal profession at an inflection point. The next three years will change how we educate lawyers, how lawyers work, who they work with and what that work looks like, and navigating those changes effectively will require a diverse Board.

Nominations are due September 16.

The 2020 Bencher Election nomination process will be conducted entirely online.To find out more information on the 2020 Bencher Election and how to become a Candidate, check out the Become a Candidate section on the Bencher Election website.