New Resources: Business Continuity and Succession Planning Guides and Templates

January 12, 2023

A thoughtful Business Continuity and Succession Plan is critical to prepare your legal practice for any eventuality. Planning for both the expected and the unexpected will help your practice run smoothly, no matter what you encounter.

We understand that this can be an overwhelming endeavour and is often a task put off for another day in today’s fast-paced and demanding environment. This is why we have taken the first steps for you.

Our Business Continuity and Succession Plan Guide provides general considerations and specific details for you to contemplate in the planning process. Customized plans should be developed for both individual lawyers and the law firms where they work. For law firms, plans will vary in detail and in length depending on the size and nature of the practice. For individual lawyers, plans will vary depending on the seniority and scope of work of the lawyer.

We have also developed a Retirement Guide to facilitate smoother transition and more predictable timing during this stage of life, which benefits you, your clients and the profession. This means getting to a place where you can close the door and walk away knowing the files are closed or in good hands, trust account monies are managed or disbursed, and your status with the Law Society is updated.

Both guides identify important items to consider in the planning process and provide templates and additional resources to help you in developing your own plans.

Visit our website to view the full Business Continuity and Succession Planning and Retirement guides. In addition to being a prudent measure to prevent risks to your practice, developing these plans also serves as a continuing professional development activity.