New Learning Centre Modules

January 12, 2021

New modules on when and how a lawyer should withdraw services, and lawyer delegation and supervision of others have been released on the Law Society’s Learning Centre.

The Withdrawal of Service Module covers:

  • The circumstances in which lawyers must withdraw services, and the circumstances in which lawyers may withdraw services;
  • The procedure for withdrawing services;
  • How to not place a client in a position of disadvantage as a result of withdrawing legal services; and
  • Rights and obligations when transferring a file to new counsel.

The Delegation of Tasks and Supervision Module covers:

  • Tasks that may and may not be delegated to legal assistants and other staff; and
  • Supervision responsibilities lawyers have over non-lawyer staff members.

Visit the Learning Centre for modules on other topics including trust accounting, client identification and verification, retainers, file retention and conflicts.