New Learning Centre Modules

March 9, 2023

The Law Practice Essentials course in the Law Society’s Learning Centre is intended to assist lawyers through the review of key practice management areas. It does not attempt to cover a complete knowledge base for each area but rather captures, highlights and provides an overview of core concepts.

We are pleased to introduce three new modules:


Lawyers who maintain a professional standard of communication are less likely to face complaints to the Law Society, are better able to serve their clients in a professional manner, enjoy better professional relationships, and enjoy greater respect from their clients, their peers and the judiciary.

Learn more about effective communication.

When a Lawyer Leaves a Firm

A lawyer’s departure from a firm often tests the professionalism of the lawyers involved and raises many ethical, legal, business and personal issues. Lawyers’ ethical obligations are best fulfilled when the departing lawyer and firm agree to engage in cooperative discussions, designed to protect the interests of the clients they serve.

Learn more about firm departure considerations.

Time Management

Time management is key to a successful practice. The ability to effectively manage time leads to improved efficiencies, less stress and feeling more satisfied in day-to-day practice.

Learn more about time management strategies.