New and Amended Rules to Comply with Labour Mobility Legislation

October 10, 2023

On April 6, 2023, the Government of Alberta brought into force the Labour Mobility Act and the Labour Mobility Regulation, collectively the Labour Mobility Legislation. This legislation simplifies the process for lawyers, as well as other professionals, applying to transfer to Alberta when they are already certified with an equivalent regulatory body in another Canadian jurisdiction. It requires regulators to accept the qualifications of professionals from other Canadian jurisdictions and to develop a clear and timely registration process. 

At the Oct. 4 board meeting, the Benchers approved new and amended Rules that align the permanent mobility provisions with the Labour Mobility Legislation. The primary changes brought into force by the Labour Mobility Legislation include: 

  • labour mobility applications must now be processed within 20 business days of receiving a complete application, with reasons for the registration decision to follow within 10 business days; and, 
  • only specific types of information may be requested of labour mobility applicants during the registration process. 

Various amendments and additions were made to Part 2 of the Rules from Rules 47 to 73 to account for these changes and align with the Labour Mobility Legislation. View the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta and the Rules Amendment History for full details.

Further changes will be made to our website in the coming months to reflect the new process for labour mobility applicants.