Making Payments to the Law Society and ALIA

December 14, 2020

When submitting payment to the Law Society of Alberta or the Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association (ALIA), there are a few easy steps that will help you ensure your payment is both accurate and on time.

Payments can be made by:

  • Electronic Bill Payment (Lawyer Portal and Firm Administrator Portal)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (Firm Administrator Portal only)
  • Wire Transfer (Recommended for international payments only)

Note: Confirmation of receipt of payments and payment processing can be found on the Lawyer Portal following completion of payment.

Paying by Electronic Bill Payment

Electronic bill payment (EBP) lets you make individual or recurring electronic payments to your financial institution. Payments are facilitated in the same way as paying utility bills online. ALIA is registered as a payee with the major financial institutions und the vendor name Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association.

Account Numbers

Your account number must be indicated for your payment to be properly processed via EBP. Payee and account numbers will be listed on the invoices; avoid using invoice numbers.

Fee Type Account Description Account Number Payee
LSA Annual Membership Fees Law Society member ID number 4 to 6 digits Law Society of Alberta
ALIA Indemnity Dues Law Society member ID number 4 to 6 digits Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association
Professional Corporation Fees Permit number 3 to 4 digits Law Society of Alberta
Limited Liability Partnership Fees Certificate number 7 to 8 digits Law Society of Alberta

Please note that bank teller payments, direct deposit and bank drafts cannot be accepted, as financial institutions do not provide the Law Society with the appropriate information to associate lawyers’ membership information to their payment.

Paying by Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT is a system of transferring money from one bank account directly to another. Payments are facilitated in the same way as a preauthorized debit/credit transaction. To make an EFT payment, provide the ALIA’s bank account information to your financial institution:

Law Society of Alberta Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association
ATB Financial
Transit: 07609
Institution: 0219
Account:  001325264-01
ATB Financial
Transit: 07609
Institution: 0219
Account: 001325140-01

Paying by Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer payments are used primarily for international transactions where lawyers do not have a bank account in Canada. This form must be completed and submitted to Accounting to ensure payment is processed.

Your financial institution may charge a fee to complete this wire transfer. It is your responsibility to account for additional bank fees and currency exchange rates when remitting your fees to the Law Society.

Making Payments for Multiple Lawyers

To make payments for multiple lawyers, complete the following:

  1. Download a copy of your Return Sheet from the Lawyer/Firm Administrator portal. The Return Sheet is a comprehensive invoice that itemizes the lawyers on whose behalf you are paying. The Return Sheet Payment Reference number (8 digits) will be your Account Number for payment remittance.
  2. Provide your Return Sheet Payment Reference number in an email to Accounting to notify that you have made payment. This helps Accounting accurately trace and apply the payment against each lawyer’s outstanding invoice.

Payment Processing Timelines

Once a payment is made at a financial institution, it can take anywhere from three to five business days for your payment to be reflected in the Lawyer Portal. Please check the Lawyer Portal for payment status.

We strongly encourage you pay the right organization (Law Society of Alberta or Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association) and to submit all payments prior to our deadlines to avoid the risk of administrative suspension. For example, if you pay your Membership fees on the March 15 deadline, your payment may not be received until March 18 or later, which may result in an administrative suspension.

For payment related inquiries, please contact Accounting.

For all other inquires, please contact Customer Service.