Lawyer Program Available: Locum Connect

April 18, 2023

The Law Society of Alberta offers Locum Connect as a free service for lawyers looking for, or offering, work as a locum. The program connects lawyers with potential employers from across Alberta.

Law Firms and Organizations

Employers can search our list of locum candidates available for work, or register a new opportunity on behalf of their firm/organization. They can craft the terms of a locum engagement to reflect the needs and requirements of the position they are looking to fill.

A locum can benefit your practice by:

  • providing coverage on short-notice;
  • handling specific files or projects;
  • alleviating workloads during an unexpected surge in business; or
  • allowing for short-term contracts when hiring full-time is not feasible.


Lawyers can register as a locum candidate to serve as a short-term employee or independent contractor, full-time or part-time, and can specify their preference for working on-site or remotely. They can browse the locum opportunity listing and inquire about an opportunity to learn more or apply for a position.

Please note: The Law Society does not vet candidates, firms or organizations. As well, the Law Society does not participate in any of the subsequent negotiations of the terms of engagement.

Learn more about Locum Connect or contact the Locum Connect Program Team for questions.