Lawyer Licensing and Competence Report Approved

December 9, 2020

The Lawyer Competence Committee (LCC) has been working with well-known legal analyst, Jordan Furlong, on a report of recommendations for lawyer licensing and competence in Alberta. The report was approved at the December 3, 2020 Bencher meeting and work is underway to prioritize the recommendations, as well as consider resourcing, timelines for implementation and future engagement opportunities for the profession. Read the full report.

Prioritizing the Recommendations

We have grouped our work into three main categories: Lawyer Licensing, New Lawyer Development and Continuing Learning. We have also categorized each recommendation as achievable in the short (2021 – 22), medium (2023), and long term.

Work on the long-term recommendations is not lower priority. In fact, work on many of these recommendations needs to begin immediately and will require future engagement with the profession and key stakeholders on specific issues to gather feedback for future decision making.

Work on developing a lawyer competency framework will also begin immediately because much of the proposed work in lawyer competence must be grounded in a common understanding of core lawyer competencies.

For the short, medium- and long-term priorities, view the FAQ.