Land Titles Tip Sheets

November 26, 2021

The Land Titles Office (LTO) of Alberta has issued a series of tip sheets to provide guidance to the public and the profession, with regard to the operation of the pending registration queue (PRQ).

These resources were created to address common questions and feedback. The most up-to-date versions of these tip sheets can be found here.

The tip sheets deal with the following subject matter:

  • Submissions: the tip sheet deals with how to submit a document registration request, as well as how to avoid common deficiencies related to affidavits, dower, discharges, mortgages and foreign ownership declarations.
  • Processes: this resource describes processes for dealing with deficiencies and extensions, obtaining consent from other interested parties in the queue and recalling documents from the PRQ. It also contains information on the Land Titles Assurance claims process for those who may have been deprived of an interest in land as the result of a mistake by the registrar or wrongful acts of third parties.
  • Exceptions: this tip sheet confirms that time sensitive documents will no longer be subject to an expedited review procedure and will be registered in the order of submission. The resource also identifies those documents that are not subject to the PRQ. Finally, it identifies documents that may be registered out of order, as they do not affect the priority of title. These include requests to change an address or name.

Please note that, if documents are deficient, the LTO will return them to the submitter for correction. Submitters have 30 days from the original deficiency date to correct the documents and complete their registration, during which time they will retain their place in the PRQ. While priority in the queue is guaranteed even if documents require correction, parties to a real estate transaction should exercise due diligence when submitting documents to avoid the need for corrections, and to ensure their place in the queue is properly noted and maintained. Extensions of time beyond 30 days may be requested but are not guaranteed. In the event corrections cannot be made within the 30 day deadline or within any approved extension period, a new submission will be required and the original submission will lose its original position in the PRQ.