Land Titles Office – Pending Registration Queue

March 10, 2021

Effective April 1, 2021, the Alberta Land Titles Office will operate a pending registration queue (PRQ). This means that priority is guaranteed on submission, allowing parties to complete transactions or release funds without waiting for registration. Reliance on the PRQ is, of course, voluntary.

Documents that do not require a legal land ID, survey documents and large registration requests will not be able to rely on the PRQ for closings.

You may review the amendments to the Land Titles Act, along with accompanying changes to the regulations by reviewing Bill 48 (pages 21-29) and Order in Council 56/2021.

Registration Requests

Document Registration Requests (DRR) will still be created on SPIN2. The major change to the DRR will be the requirement to include a legal land identifier in order to guarantee priority on submission. A document is considered submitted once delivered to Land Titles and entered into the queue. This will be indicated by a status of “received” in the PRQ on SPIN2.

Pending registrations will also be visible when searching the title.


The title of the Rejection Notice will change and you will now receive a Notice of Deficiency. Effective April 1, any document returned to you with deficiencies will maintain priority on title for 30 days. The PRQ will also identify the status of the document as deficient.

Time Sensitive Documents

The PRQ guarantees priority on title once received, which means time sensitive documents will not be registered upon receipt. Their interest will take effect upon receipt and they will be registered in turn.

For More Information

The Land Titles Office will be providing more detailed information prior to April 1.

Consult the Land Titles website, the Land Titles Procedures Manual and the SPIN2/ALTO notice board.