Jodi Stonehouse Biography

October 19, 2018

Jodi Stonehouse is of Cree and Mohawk descent from the Michel First Nation. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta and is now working on her MSc with the Faculty of Resource Economics Environmental Sociology. Her interests are Indigenous law, urban Indigenous issues, Indigenous women and Indigenous feminism. She was recently hired by University of Alberta Law School as the Community Engagement Officer.

Jodi is currently the producer and broadcaster of ACIMOWIN, an Aboriginal Radio program on CJSR. In collaboration with filmmaker Tracie Louttit, they are producing a six-part internet series entitled “Indigenizing the Airwavez”. This series highlights contemporary Indigenous artists, musicians, and national activists. Her work is dedicated to uplifting and educating audiences worldwide, and through this program, she strives to break down social barriers to improve the perception and understandings of Indigenous people to a broader community. Her work celebrates Aboriginal people and their success stories as well as their trials & tribulations to demonstrate the complexity of indigeneity in the 21st century.