Increasing Insolvencies Signal Rising Need for Local Debt and Foreclosure Advice

March 14, 2022

The latest release of insolvency statistics has volunteer lawyers at the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILC) on watch. The PILC is a teaching program at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. Upper year law students learn advocacy skills from clinician instructors and volunteer lawyers through direct involvement in law reform projects and test case litigation.

According to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, Alberta saw a 17 per cent increase in insolvency filings from October to November 2021. That rising number is an indicator for an expected increase of people seeking help with foreclosure and debt issues generally.

The PILC hosts the Consumer Debt Negotiation Project, a free legal service pairing volunteer lawyers with anyone in Alberta who needs to understand the legal process and their options in relation to foreclosures and other debt. In many cases, the lawyers help the homeowner or debtor negotiate with their creditors to find a way forward.

“The project has successfully helped a number of homeowners. Some keep their homes by working with the banks’ representatives and insurers like CMHC. When keeping their home is not possible, we help them through the foreclosure process. In those cases, the goal is an exit with dignity,” says Christine Laing, Executive Director of the PILC.

The Consumer Debt Negotiation Project is a resource for your clients who are facing foreclosure or other debt issues. For more information on the project, visit their website or contact Christine Laing.