Family Lawyers and Shelter Workers Training: Improving Family Justice System Responses to Family Violence

Dates: December 14, 2023 - February 13, 2024

Location: Online | Calgary, Edmonton, Southern and Northern Alberta

Dr. Peter Jaffe and Professor Nicholas Bala are pleased to present training for “Improving Family Justice System Responses to Family Violence” to lawyers/legal workers and shelter workers. In this training, they will speak about the case law they have found relating to danger assessment, amendments to the divorce act, the power and control wheel and coercive control.

Discussion topics will also include:

  • What do family lawyers need to be effective in representing family violence victims?
  • What can shelter staff and advocates offer lawyers?
  • What training do shelter staff need to better assist clients and their lawyers?
  • How can shelter staff and lawyers work together in an effective and collaborative may? (province-wide and locally)

Virtual training dates:

Cost: Free of charge

To attend, register for one of the sessions linked above or contact the event organizer for more information.