CPLED Enrolment Launches March 2

February 7, 2020

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) is launching a new Bar admission program in June 2020 called the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP).

Launched in partnership with the Law Societies of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, PREP was piloted in 2019 to test and refine the program to ensure it will provide the lawyers of tomorrow with the skills needed to thrive in a professional legal environment. The full program is now ready to launch, following the pilot’s success.

“We are confident that the changes to the Bar admission program will provide articling students with the tools they need to be successful lawyers,” says Dr. Kara Mitchelmore, CEO of CPLED. “It’s not just about knowing the law. Through PREP, students will learn how to build trusting client relationships, demonstrate empathy and compassion, communicate effectively, make ethical decisions and manage their legal practice effectively.”

What does this mean for students and law firms?

Students must register directly with CPLED for PREP as well as apply to the Law Society for student membership. Registration for PREP opens on Monday, March 2, 2020 and will remain open until Friday, July 17, 2020.

Traditionally articling students begin the bar admission program in August and complete it during their articling experience, but changes were made to better accommodate the workloads of students and law firms.

Students can now start PREP in either June or December, as long as they meet the admission requirements. Students are no longer required to secure an articling position prior to beginning the online Foundation Modules. However, all students must secure and begin their articling, as well as register with the Law Society, before they finish the Foundation Modules or they cannot continue on with PREP.

What does PREP Cost?

The total cost for PREP is partially subsidized by the Law Society. The subsidy for 2020/2021 is $2,600 per student which means students are responsible for the remaining balance $3,500. There are payment plan options available.

Where can I get more information?

For more details about PREP, check out this video hosted by Dr. Kara Mitchelmore, or visit CPLED’s website.