Congratulations Susannah Alleyne

October 27, 2022

We are pleased to share that Susannah Alleyne, the Law Society’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Counsel and Equity Ombudsperson, is this year’s recipient of the Women in Law Leadership (WILL) Tomorrow’s Leader Award.

After graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School, Susannah moved to Calgary in 2013 and began her legal career in family law. Off the side of her desk, Susannah led Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives and volunteered within several organizations, including the Canadian Bar Association – Alberta Branch, Association of Women Lawyers, University of Calgary’s Black Law Students Association, and Calgary Legal Guidance. These experiences strengthened Susannah’s passion for creating equitable, diverse and inclusive workspaces, which inspired her to pursue the position she currently holds at the Law Society of Alberta.

Susannah believes that the ability to listen and empathize with others are crucial leadership qualities. A strategy that has helped guide her approach to inclusivity is to be open to hearing what people have to say, while also identifying what is not being said.

“There’s so much good work to be done in the legal profession, especially in terms of making it more inclusive. I welcome others to question my ideas and teach me about theirs – the people who don’t see things my way, and those who can open me up to new perspectives.”

As the legal profession can be challenging, Susannah encourages fellow lawyers to give themselves permission to laugh and find joy amidst the serious work being done.

Looking to the future, Susannah wants to continue leading by example through her actions and attitudes, inviting lawyers of varying backgrounds to share their unique perspectives. She advocates that the legal profession should be reflective of the people it works with and serves, and diverse representation is necessary to achieve this objective.

“I’m honoured everyday that I get to be a part of the legal profession in Alberta. My vision is to contribute towards cultivating an environment where any lawyer feels welcome to bring their whole self to the profession, because I think we’ll all be better for it.”

Congratulations on this incredible achievement, Susannah!