Available Wellness Supports

April 30, 2024

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, or dealing with something that may be impacting your ability to capably perform your job, there are supports that can help lawyers deal with challenges in a constructive way.

Practice Management consultations are available at no cost to help lawyers identify potential areas of risk before problems develop and client relations suffer. Our free, voluntary self-directed Practice Management Assessment Tool helps you rate your effectiveness in a variety of practice management areas and provides a curated list of free resources to help address gaps and manage risks. The Law Society’s Trust Safety department is available to assist Responsible Lawyers and law firms with their trust accounting and safety questions and concerns.

Our confidential Practice Advisor services and Equity Ombudsperson can help lawyers navigate ethical and practice matters and harassment and discrimination concerns. They respond to over 6,000 enquiries each year. All these services can help lawyers who are feeling overwhelmed to resolve the issues they are facing in a supportive way.

Professional counselling and peer support is available through Assist. All services are provided on a confidential basis and no disclosure of use of these services is made to the Law Society. For lawyers who need immediate crisis support, Assist offers 24/7 crisis counselling via telephone at 1.877.498.6998.

For lawyers who need immediate crisis support, the Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (Assist) offers 24/7 crisis counselling via telephone at 1.877.498.6998.

The toll-free Hope for Wellness Help Line, at 1.855.242.3310, is available 24/7 to all Indigenous people across Canada and the online chat link can be found on their website. The toll-free 24-hour National Indian Residential School Crisis Line is 1.866.925.4419 to receive immediate emotional assistance.