A Mentor Moment with Amanda A. Kadavil

April 25, 2024

“It was extremely rewarding to see the mentee put into practice our discussions and to see them progress throughout our mentorship relationship.”

Amanda has been a mentor with the Law Society’s Mentor Connect and Mentor Express program since 2021. 

Q: Why did you get involved with Mentor Connect and Mentor Express?
A: “I became involved with the Mentor Connect program because I was interested in the format of the program, which allows the mentors and mentees to stay in contact frequently over a prescribed period of time. I saw the value of being more involved in the mentee’s legal journey and to be available to provide mentorship throughout the journey rather than as a snapshot along the way. I also felt better equipped to provide tailored mentorship that was valuable and effective for the mentee as I knew them better. Overall, the experience was very positive! It was extremely rewarding to see the mentee put into practice our discussions and to see them progress throughout our mentorship relationship.

I also became involved in Mentor Express and enjoyed meeting with numerous mentees in short virtual meetings throughout the program, as it provided me a variety of opportunities to share my experiences in a meaningful way.”

Q: Tell us a bit about your current mentoring relationship:
A: “
My current mentorship relationships are through Mentor Express. The mentees come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances but for the most part they are seeking mentorship about how to get started in the legal profession. Some of the mentees have completed law school outside of Canada so their questions are often about navigating the legal profession and how to become more involved. I also have experience with mentees looking for mentorship on how to establish a positive work-life balance while maintaining their career goals.”

Q: How long have you been involved in mentorship?
“I have been a mentor since 2021 in various mentorship programs, in addition to the Law Society Mentorship programs. Prior to being a mentor I was a mentee since 2014.”

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your role as a mentor?
“My favorite part of being a mentor is seeing the positive impact my mentorship can have on a mentee. I feel like my experiences and struggles are benefiting others and that is quite fulfilling! Also, I gain valuable knowledge and opportunities for learning through meeting the mentees as they provide insights into the current climate of the legal profession.”

Q: What do you hope your mentees take away from working with you?
A: “I hope my mentees feel uplifted, encouraged and better prepared for their legal journey after working with me. I also want the legal profession as a whole to become a more inclusive and welcoming space overall so hopefully these mentorship relationships create lasting impressions on the new generation of lawyers who then choose to give back to others.”

Q: What have you learned from working with your mentees?
“I have learned that mentees come from many different backgrounds and experiences, and they are seeking mentorship for various reasons. Some mentees are seeking mentorship about entering the legal profession generally, while others are seeking mentorship for their life goals. I have learned that mentees will usually have in their mind what they are seeking to get out of the mentorship relationship, so it is best to let them set the agenda for the meeting.”

Q: If another lawyer is thinking about becoming a mentor, what should they know beforehand?
“If you are looking to become a mentor (I recommend you do!) make sure you can commit to the timeslots and be prepared to share your personal experiences as the mentees seem to value individualized perspectives rather than general knowledge. Also, be prepared to answer hard questions and give your authentic perspective on real issues.”

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