Articling for Students-at-Law

The Law Society of Alberta admission program requires completion of a 12 month articling term. There are a few ways for you to achieve this goal. While many students-at-law are familiar with the traditional article, composite articles are now a feasible alternative.

Changing Firms or Principals During Your Articling Term

If you change firms and/or principals during your articling term, you must file an Assignment of Articles of Clerkship and a new Education Plan. Your Assignment of Articles must be approved by the Law Society prior to working with your next firm or principal.

Complete and submit the following:

Please send the information by mail or email to Membership Services.

Evaluation Certificate

An Evaluation Certificate must be submitted to the Law Society halfway through commencement of articles.

Termination of Articles

A request to terminate articles must be made in writing to the Law Society of Alberta. There is no formal application form.

Where the principal and student-at-law jointly apply for termination, the Executive Director/Delegate of the Law Society may grant the application. This application must be signed by both the principal and student-at-law.

Where the principal and student-at-law are unable to jointly apply, the application will be considered by the Executive Director/Delegate (Rule 57.3).

Advice During Articles

The Practice Advisors are available to all students-at-law for confidential professional advice regarding legal, ethical and practice concerns.

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