Lawyer Regulation

Upcoming Hearings

Last updated October 2014

Hearing dates are accurate as of the date noted above and are subject to change. Please contact Law Society Communications at 403-229-4700 to confirm.

NameTypeStart DateFinish DateDetails
Richard Mirasty HearingJul 07, 2015 Jul 09, 2015
Dawn Wilson HearingJul 14, 2015 Jul 16, 2015
Robert P. Lee HearingJul 21, 2015 Jul 21, 2015 Citations Issued
Christian Ouellette HearingJul 21, 2015 Jul 24, 2015 Citations Served
Irvin Adler HearingAug 05, 2015 Aug 06, 2015 Citations Served
Robert Burgener HearingAug 10, 2015 Aug 14, 2015 Week 1
David Bourdon HearingAug 27, 2015 Aug 27, 2015 Citations Issued
Peter Budd HearingSep 03, 2015 Sep 03, 2015 s. 83/84
Ronald Matheny HearingSep 03, 2015 Sep 03, 2015 s.83/84
Genevieve Magnan HearingSep 09, 2015 Sep 22, 2015
Robert Burgener HearingOct 05, 2015 Oct 09, 2015 Week 2
Rakesh Dewett HearingOct 19, 2015 Oct 23, 2015
Edmund Schuster HearingNov 30, 2015 Dec 04, 2015 Citations Served
Nancy Pearson HearingDec 14, 2015 Dec 18, 2015 Citations Issued
Roderick MacGregor Hearing  Citations Issued
Paul McAteer Hearing  Adjourned/ New Date to be Set
Keith Shustov Hearing  Citations Served
Christopher McKay Hearing  Adjourned/New Date to be Set
Christopher Leveque Hearing  Citations Served
Kamal Mahmudi-Azer Hearing 
M. Robert Mackinnon Hearing 
Austin Nguyen Hearing  Citations Served
Surinder Randhawa Hearing  Citations Served
David Steed Hearing  Citations Served
William Malcolm Hearing  Citations Served
Ali Moughel Hearing  Citations Served
Jennifer Villebrun Hearing  Citations Served
Rodney MacKenzie Hearing  Citations Served
Kamal Mahmudi-Azer Hearing 
Ruellen Forsyth-Nicholson Hearing  Adjourned/New Date to be Set
Robert P. Lee Hearing 
Laurent Carr Hearing 
Robert P. Lee Hearing 
Ron Maurice Hearing 
Andrew Geisterfer Hearing 
Ezra Levant Hearing 
James Charnock Hearing 
R. Frank Llewellyn Hearing  Guilt Admitted; Sanction Hearing
Christopher McKay Hearing  Citations Issued
Allan Botan Hearing  Citations served
D.M. Skrypichayko Hearing 
Christopher McKay Hearing 
L. D. Ayers Hearing  Citations Served
D. M. Skrypichayko Hearing  Citations Served
Genevieve Magnan Hearing  Citations Served
Michael Terrigno Hearing  Appeal
Noble Shanks Hearing  Citations Served