The complaints process is disciplinary in nature and will not result in compensation to the complainant.

Negligence (Errors and Omissions)

Your complaint to the Law Society regarding a lawyer's conduct does not amount to your making a claim against that lawyer with respect to potential negligence on their part. If you believe that your lawyer was negligent, you should seek legal advice with respect to your remedies, bearing in mind that limitation periods exist after which you will not be able to pursue your claim. If you have received legal advice that your lawyer was negligent, you may make a financial claim.

Legal Advice

If you have not received legal advice, it is important to speak to a lawyer for advice regarding remedies. If you do not have a lawyer, you may use the Lawyer Referral service for the names of lawyers for advice.

Theft of Trust Funds

If it is proven that a lawyer has stolen or misappropriated funds held in trust on behalf of a client, a financial claim may be made.